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Advocating for voter's with a location first starting in Orlando, Florida. Opening Summer 2022. We will be teaching and spreading the message of Frederick Douglass in our communities, including turning voters to the TRUTH about our party and its founding principles.

This is a campaign fueled project, please donate below to help support this effort.

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Frederick Douglass Republican 

Frederick Douglass's

1.Respect for the U.S. Constitution

2.Respect for Life

3.Belief in the LIMITED POWER of Government

4.Personal Responsibility

5.Independent Economic Prosperity

6.The Right to Keep and Bear Arms

7.Free Speech

8.Religious Liberty

9.Women’s Rights

10.Education – School Choice

11.Legal Immigration

Willie is Endorsed by



Founder of the Frederick Douglass
Republican Engagement Strategy™

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willie montague is a

Frederick Douglass Republican 

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